Past Projects

Our Club has hosted P.E.T.S. and P.O.E.T.S. since 199? first at the Aventura Resort at Gariep Dam and since 199? at the high school of Colesberg. At first P.E.T.S. was for the southerly half of District 9320, but since 199? it has been for the whole District.

For many years now we have given an annual braai for the people living in the Kiepersol old age home and for the senior citizens of Colesberg, and also provided a meal for the senior citizens of Lowryville in collaboration with Diakonale Dienste which has recently changed its name to Badisa.

We have put heaters in every room in the Kiepersol home, and bought new mattresses and a second hand stove and freezer for the Lowryville old age home, as well as fencing the site. Back to top

We have helped with the setting up and maintenance of playgrounds in Kuyasa and Lowryville, which are enjoyed every day by the local children, and have put up swings near the Kuyasa clinic and at various farm schools.

We have given nursery school furniture and playground equipment to SS Madikane and Colesberg Primary school's grade R classes.

Our club has sponsored travelling expenses for Colesberg High School to send groups of pupils to Sciencefest in Grahamstown, a choir tour to George, vocational days at the University of the Free State, and the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.

Our Ann's club has made an annual donation to the High School of Colesberg for an English prize and a "Service above Self" prize to be awarded at the annual prize giving.

We have also donated illustrated childrens bibles to pre-primary schools in the district. Back to top

From 1984 until 2002 we hosted the Youth Exchange Orientation Weekend for outbound students in late November early December for the District 9320 Youth Exchange Committee, every year but one.

Our club built a swimming bath in 19?? on ground donated by the Colesberg Municipality, and handed it to the Municipality to run as a public swimming bath. This was done for many years, but in 19?? the Municipality felt it could no longer afford the running expenses, and so closed the facility. It is now being offered for sale by the Municipality.

We built a pedestrian bridge over the sluit running through the town to enable people to go from ? park to the Municipal offices, Post Office and library more easily. Back to top.

We hosted the Ulysses Motorcycle Club National Rally in May 2001, May 2002, May 2003 and May 2004. For this event the main square of the town and some of the adjacent streets were closed off, and a large marquee erected in the square. Both events were well attended and enjoyed by all. Simon Fourie, the editor of Bike SA, said in their June Issue "The National Ulysses was great, yet again, and Colesberg with its lovely little restaurants and pubs in every nook and cranny, was again an excellent venue. The Ulysses page in Bike SA for July 2003 says "There is an annual rally in Colesberg. This year it was in May and about 800 people attended".

We have also hosted the Harley Owners Group Rally in September 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 & 2006. 2003 was their Harley Davidson centennial Rally. These events were run on similar lines to the Ulysess Rallies, and have enjoyed the same success. The organiser of this rally, Megan Viljoen, said of the centanial rally "Words such as awesome, world class, best ever, benchmark and others have been used to describe the 3rd National Rally in Colesberg. "There can be no doubt that this has been the biggest gathering of Harleys on the continent ever, and topped by most fun and fundraising......". The 2003 rally was attended by 671 people on 482 Harleys. Back to top

We have done the local organisation for several art, carpet and furniture auctions for commercial firms, and received a share of the profits for club funds.

Our club has kept up to date with our obligations to the Rotary Foundation. We have made seven Paul Harris awards (John Greathead, Desmond Collier, Roben van Zijl, Diana Greathead, Mary Gilfillan and Hanlie Rodrigues). We also donate to Rotary Disaster Funds on an ad hoc basis. We have obtained a Matching Grant from the Rotary Foundation to help provide bakkies for Umthombo Wolwasi School. 

We obtained five dialysys machines from a consignment of medical equipment donated via overseas Rotary Clubs and delivered them to the local hospital with some spares.

We obtained 20 wheelchairs from a consignment of wheelchairs donated via overseas Rotary Clubs and distributed them to the local people who needed them but could not afford them, including several children.

We have hosted many passing people such as the Polio Plus ride sponsored by the Haernertsburg Rotary Club in District 9250, and exchange students passing through organised by the Pretoria Hatfield Rotary Club, also in District 9250.

Our club has made numerous smaller donations, for example to disaster funds and to students to attend seminars, leadership courses etc. We have assisted promising athletes with sports equipment and travel expenses to sports events.

Early in 2004 we donated a set of Mini-Science kits to Colesberg High School, with the aid of a matching grant from the Rotary Foundation. We were helped by District 5500 in this project. Our club and Colesberg High School are grateful to the Rotary Foundation and District 5500 for thier help. Back to top

Assisted with polio immunization campaigns and blood donation drives.

Helped to organise several "Ride and Tie"'s. A ride and tie is a race with teams of two riders and one horse. They start of with one rider on the horse, and one running. When the rider thinks he has gone far enough he ties the horse to a bush or fence, and runs on. The first runner unties the horse when he gets to it and rides on for a while, and then ties up the horse. They go on swapping like this until they reach the finish line which the team must cross together. After the Ride and tie we had a braai.

When the Colesberg Show was still being held we had a stall there, and sometimes also organised a meal for the grooms.

One one occasion many years ago we had a beer tent (at the show?) in conjunction with a brewery who had the beer delivered on a dray pulled by a team of horses (Percherons?).

Funding of Projects.

The day to day running expenses of our club are funded by a monthly subscription paid by members.

Funding of some projects comes from the profit made on other projects. Some projects are run largely in order to bring in funds, such as the Motorcycle Rallies. Other projects such as P.O.E.T.S. have a dual purpose. They help the District and also make a profit. In all our projects we provide value for money, and we are proud of the fact that various organs of the district have come back to us for many years to host their events. Also both Ulysses and HOG have come to us for three years running, including Harley Davidson's Centenial year rally. Back to top


Apart from meeting with fellow Rotarians at events such as District Conference, P.O.E.T.S. and various seminars and training sessions at various times we also have met fellow Rotarians on more social occassions.

We attended the Cradock Rotary Club's recharter on 6th April, 1990, and subsequently have had a fellowship weekend with them at the Mountain Zebra Park, and joined them rafting on the Fish River.

We have attended various events at the de Aar Club. The connection with Cradock and de Aar is appropriate as they were our sponsoring clubs.

We have held fellowship weekends at the Gariep Dam, where we were joined by Rotarians from a number of clubs such as Bloemfontein.

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